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Cecil Jones is a big fan of roller-skating sports like speed skating, roller hockey, inline speed skating, etc. He loved watching the Olympics and he would only focus on roller-skating sports.

Cecil is a roller skater himself but not a pro. He enjoyed his weekends with his children and wife at a nearby rink where he is residing.

His love for roller-skating is so big that he decided to promote the sport. That is the short but amazing story behind the creation of the Terminal City Roller Girls magazine.

Back in 2010

He was working as a librarian back in 2010 in a small center in Vancouver.  He founded the magazine back in late 2010 and it actually started out as a blog. The blog quickly generated a lot of readers and it was transformed into an online magazine.

The magazine highlights the best roller skaters, events, competitions and training programs in and out of Vancouver. TCRG gained nationwide recognition after being featured by a number of sports online platforms.

Back in the Present

TCRG is now made up of a team of over 30 professionals mostly writers, designers and marketing specialists. With Cecil leading the team, TCRG continues to promote and introduce the sport of roller-skating to people all over Vancouver and soon, all over Canada.

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