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After 10 years of roller-skating with all of you, we are stoked to announce a bunch of events and giveaways we have in store for all our beloved readers out there. We are giving away items and free roller-skating lessons for an entire year. That’s right, this is TCRG 2020 Roller-skating Galore.

Roller-skating Inspired Books

Have you read books or even magazines about roller-skating? If not, then this is your chance to do so as we are giving away a lot of roller-skating-themed books or novels to 300 lucky readers.

These books tackle everything about roller-skating like training, lessons and even the best derby teams. For example, Ann-Victoria Philips’ “The Complete Book of Roller-skating” released back in the 1980s. The books talk about the rise of inline skating.

We’ve got more books to give away and we will make sure that you’ll love roller-skating more after reading them.

Free Roller-Skating Lesson Tickets

Watch out for the TCRG tickets in our magazine. These tickets will help you up to your roller-skating game.

50 lucky readers will receive free roller-skating lessons for an entire year courtesy of our many partners in Vancouver. We are working with some of the best roller-skating rinks in Vancouver and they agreed to help us out with this one.

The winners will get to learn the many sports of roller-skating and if lucky enough, get to see some of the greats live, but more of that later on. As mentioned above, we are only giving this away to 50 lucky readers. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements right in our magazine for your chance to win.

TCRG Roller Derby

It’s going to be an event like no other. That’s right, we are staging the first-ever Roller Derby competition of TCRG. We are already in the middle of choosing the teams to compete and we’ve got a lot of applicants.

The venue and dates of the competition will be announced soon. Would you like to witness history as it happens? We are giving away tickets for the competition and you get to see the action up close.

All you have to do is share one or two or more pieces of TCRG magazine content and encourage people to subscribe.

A Big Thanks to all our Readers

This is a big thank you to all of our readers that have been with us for many years now and have continued to support TCRG all the way.